5 Fun Letter Learning Games for Active Children

letter recognition read reading Apr 24, 2024

If you feel like you are constantly having to nag your unengaged child to sit down for a letter lesson then you need to try this approach!

Fun games that involve movement. Kids don't like to sit still nor should they have to. Movement actually enhance retention as it engages the child's right side of the brain which deals with long term memory. Plus when we teach using games it is more engaging and keeps their love for learning. It is important to encourage repetition of a concept while keeping the concept fun and novel. 

So here's our favorite games for letter learning:

P.S. these can be used for numbers and many other concepts. Also make sure you have given an initial lesson of the letter before practicing with these games. 

1. Freeze Dance

Start by laying letter flashcards or sandpaper letters out on the ground. Turn on music and you can dance or walk around, walk like an animal whatever...until you pause the music. Then you both stop on a letter and take turns telling each other what letter it is. I like to take the letters we've said out until we've landed on all the letters. 

2. Bean Bag Toss

Start by laying out letter flashcards or sandpaper letters on the ground. Take a bean bag and have your child throw the bean bag from afar and try to land on a letter. Whatever letter it lands on the child tell you the letter sound. You can swap out the old letters with new letters. 

3. Hide and Seek

For this game you take 5ish letters and hide them around a room. The child then goes and seeks for them and when the child finds one they bring it to you and tell you what it is. 

4. Obstacle Course

Start by setting up an obstacle course. It can involve balancing, jumping, ducking, climbing...etc. Have the child go through the obstacle course to get a letter and bring it back to you and tell you what it is. Or to keep it simple set up a balance beam or line on the ground and have the child balance the letter on their head to you. 

5. Pancake Flip

This one involves some pretend play. Set up some letters face down and ask your child to make you a pancake. Give them a spatula and have them use it to flip the letter over like a pancake onto a plate and bring it to you and tell what the letter is. 


Playing one of these games for 5 minutes everyday can greatly enhance your child's learning experience. 

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