Intro to Montessori Theory

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The Ultimate Parent Montessori Theory course that will teach you all the basic of The Montessori Method and how to apply it into your parenting!

What You'll Get:

✓ Hours of video lessons from a Montessori trained Guide 

✓ Step-by-step instructions

✓ Free Printables 

✓ Lifetime access

✓ Self-guided videos


Module 1: Introduction

  •  Learn more about me and my background.

  • Learn about what to expect in this course.

Module 2: What is Montessori?

  • Learn about who Maria Montessori was and how she created this method.

  • Brief overview of The Montessori Method. 

Module 3: Child Development

  • Learn about how the child's brain develops.

  • Learn about Maria Montessori's Developmental theories.

  • Learn what your child's behavior means.

  • Learn about your child's physical, mental, social, and emotional growth. 

Module 4: The Prepared Environment

  • Learn about the defining characteristics of a Montessori classroom. 

  • How to apply Montessori principles while setting up your home

  • Learn what makes a toy "Montessori"
  • Exclusive sneak peek into my home. 

Module 5: The Prepared Adult

  • Learn how to have a Montessori mindset. 

  • How to prepare yourself to be the best parent you can be. 
  • Learn how to observe your child to discern their needs. 

  • Learn how to influence behavior through modeling. 

 +BONUS: Work Cycle Training


Note: There is no physical product being sold or sent. Once purchase you gain access to the online course content.

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